Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sexy Pig by Ryan Horne feat. Vicious Delicious & DJ Grandalf

The return of the pork loving Vicious Delicious is live!
 Ryan Horne, Zach MacDonald and I have been busy this last week putting together our latest effort to celebrate Sexy Pig, a local ribs restaurant. The song was planned over a year ago and has been pieced together until last Saturday when the three of us go together to record it. I spent the Sunday afterwards mixing and putting on the final touches. The song comes in at 43 tracks and is definitely the largest track I have ever managed, weighing in at over 1 GB!

Personally speaking, this is my second major effort using Logic Pro X. It's had (and in many respects still has) quite the learning curve coming from Ableton but my days spent with GarageBand have proven useful. But once again, Logic has been a pleasure to work with and I can't remember the last time I had as much fun mixing and finalizing a track in Ableton.
This project wasn't exclusively created in Logic Pro. There is a "scratch" track that I made in Ableton. As I stated before in a previous post, Ableton is still great for sample-based instrumentation and the purpose for which I used it is one at which Ableton excels. Here is a link to the tutorial video, by Mad Zach, from which I learned the Ableton scratch technique. He provides a free Ableton template to recreate the tutorial here. I wound up recording the part into Ableton, exporting that as a WAV file and importing that into Logic.
The album art was done with some rib bones I had saved from a dinner at Sexy Pig and Hunt's BBQ sauce. I had intended on recording hitting the bones onto an overturned pot and sampling that to make a syncopated beat but as the song evolved, there was no reason to add complexity to the song. Keep it simple, Stupid. I made the cover art with Pixelmator.