Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zuri Apps - I'm in a startup!

Zuri Apps

Zuri Apps beta has launched and I'm proud to be a part of the team.

Zuri Apps is a nonprofit app review and blog web space with a simple mission: help charities build the apps they need.  Zuri provides thoughtful and honest app reviews and featured content and uses the proceeds from our site to contract independent app developers to build needed apps for our charity partners.

Last winter I received a message from my former roommate, Brian Krohn, asking if I wanted to help him out with a startup he was working on, called Zuri Apps. I thought it'd be fun to work with him again. Back at Augsburg College, we ran a little business called AugBytes out of our dorm room, fixing computers on the cheap (or for a Papa John's large one-topping). One thing I've learned after knowing Brian for just over 10 years, you never say no to an idea of his. 

So here we are, a fledgling startup, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and I'm proud to say that we're open for business. Brian and I are accompanied by Zach MacDonald, a talented writer who is shifting from app reviews to featured blog posts. Brian does the backend server stuff and I am operating as editor-in-chief. We are looking for some new reviewers so if you know anyone who would like writing about apps they like as much as they like showing you every time you see them, send them our way!

This is a fun adventure and certainly new territory to all of us. Below is our first ZCast, so click play and meet the team!